Acts 8 Movement Gathering Thursday

“Three great minds coming together for the Kingdom” is the way one supporter described “The Acts 8 Movement,” a group being formed here in Indianapolis during General Convention.

The Acts 8 Movement – so named because of the crucial turning point in the Church described at the beginning of that chapter, “a time of conflict that led to the genesis of the great transformation that helped bring Jesus’ message…to entire world” – is the creation of three Episcopal clergy-bloggers, the Revs. Tom Ferguson (Crustyoldean), Susan Snook (Goodandjoyfulthing) and Scott Gunn (sevenwholedays).

The three will be facilitating a time of “prayer, conversation, and sharing of visions, dreams and hopes for the kind of church we need to create” on Thursday, July 5, at 9:30 p.m. at the Westin, Capitol II. All are welcome.

Believing that the Episcopal Church will soon “begin to look much more like it did in 250 than in 1950,” with “no vast bureaucracy, not many buildings, and a focus on life-changing encounters with the Savior who called people to costly discipleship,” Ferguson, Gunn and Snook are hoping to replace “petty squabbles over turf in institutions that won’t exist much longer” with a focus on “what the Holy Spirit is doing.”

How, exactly, does a church do that? The organizers of the Acts 8 Movement won’t give you a simple answer to that question. But they do know where the process begins: by “gathering, praying, reading the Bible, and talking together about the church we dream of seeing.”

–The Rev. John Ohmer

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