Issue One: From Crisis Comes Opportunity

Issue One of Center Aisle is live online! If you’re on-site at General Convention, pick up a paper copy from one of our volunteer distributors in the purple baseball caps. And stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for frequent updates, photos and video coverage.

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  1. Thank you Bishop Johnston for your positive comments about the structure of General Convention, the proposed (and deeply flawed) Anglican Covenant and Baptism. I’m glad we’re getting back to the big picture: witnessing Jesus Christ. Thank you Center Aisle for affirming the center.

  2. I loved the editorial piece by Rev./Senator John Danforth! The broken political process is a fundamental issue in this country. The negativity is spawns is not only a leading cause of the dysfunction in our economy and our secular world, it also contributes immensely to the negativity and dysfunction within and between our church and other religious organizations. I welcome the call for the Episcopal Church to offer a special message of the need for reconciliation and compromise. I hope it is a call to which TEC will respond wholeheartedly.

  3. Bp. Johnston is good for us – he gets down to basics without using it as a way to claim superiority for his personal views. I hope that GC77 will indeed take advantage of the opportunities offered by crisis.