PB&F Hears Call for Development Office, Larger Asking

At its open hearing on income funding Friday night, Program, Budget & Finance heard support for a Development Office to bring in money, and calls for a larger asking from dioceses so that more mission can be done.

The Rev. Kathleen Liles of New York was adamant: “I think that the Church has a long history of amateur fundraising, and those days are over.”

Deputy Ted Mollegen of Connecticut, a longtime advocate of having a Development Office in the Church, was just as certain. “My hope for this General Convention is that it will be the convention that starts turning around our long-term decline in numbers by taking strategic steps. The Development Office is a major opportunity to produce money from outside the Church structure and do new things. … The opportunity is tremendous.”

Wendy Barry, the vice president of FORMA, the association for Christian Education Directors, was concerned about reducing the asking of dioceses. “I am deeply concerned that less than 19 percent asking severely compromises the Church’s ability to do mission. … I implore the committee to consider the 19 percent asking, knowing that not all [dioceses] can meet it. Our children, our youth, our adults are depending on it for the health and development of the Church.”

PB&F will hold its open hearing on spending Saturday night at the Downtown Marriott Indiana Ballroom at 7:30 p.m.

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  1. 9h William Fleener, Jr ‏@wfleener
    PB&F votes to assess dioceses 19 % for each year covered by the budget #gc77

    11h Rebecca Roberts ‏@rebeccaroberts
    PB+F will propose 19% ask for the next three years #GC77