Deputies Vote to Support the DREAM Act

The House of Deputies voted Wednesday to support the DREAM Act.

D067 called for support of “the passing of federal legislation that presents a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth and young adults,” rather than limiting it to the DREAM Act currently being considered by Congress.

The substitute also encouraged the providing of scholarships by churches and dioceses to undocumented youth. This resolve is supported by the Third Mark of Mission, which requires “responding to human need by loving service.” The substitute also encourages dioceses to research and solicit private donations to fund scholarships for undocumented young adults.

The Official Youth Presence spoke in favor of the resolution, citing personal experiences with undocumented youth and positive effects of passing such legislation.

Elizabeth Strickland, Albany, spoke against the resolution, commenting that she would rather have the funds go to youth who were in the country legally, rather than the undocumented youth and young adults that the resolution supports.

–By John Schwartz

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