We’re Baaaack

General Convention LogoWe’re baaaack … and we’re bigger and more nimble than ever.

Center Aisle is packing its bags to head west from the Diocese of Virginia to Salt Lake City for our sixth General Convention in June 2015 as a force for reconciliation.

For those new to Center Aisle, here’s a quick recap: Every three years, Episcopalians from across the globe come together for our governance meeting called General Convention. And since 2000, the Diocese of Virginia has offered an opinion journal – Center Aisle – as a gift to attendees, and as a way to keep folks back home connected.

Before we leave town, we’re getting an earlier start than ever, by launching this digital version of Center Aisle. In the months leading up to General Convention next summer, we will be regularly updating our website with an array of views and proposals that reflect the rich diversity of our Church.

We’ll focus on the key issues that will be debated in Utah, from reimagining the
Church to electing a new presiding bishop. We’ll also spotlight ongoing activities in our Diocese, General Church and Anglican Communion that reflect the spirit of Center Aisle.

In upcoming posts, you’ll find a profile of Lynnaia Main, who helps connect parishes and dioceses to the important work Episcopalians are doing at the United Nations. Expect to see more such stories and commentaries. From world mission to local outreach, we’ll examine how working together can help us overcome our divisions.

Every three years or so, we look in the mirror and ask ourselves if Center Aisle still has an important role to play in the Church. Times have changed mightily since the divisive days of 2000 and 2003, when we began our run.

But our answer to that triennial question is a mighty “yes.” We do have a role to play. Our society is more polarized, our cities are more divided and our world is more violent that they have been in years.

The uniting passion of a movement that focuses on the “center” – not the midpoint of a line but the middle of a circle that represents our commonalities as Christians – is more important than ever.

So visit often. Let us know what you think at centeraisle@thediocese.net. Together we’ll count down to the important work that lies ahead in Salt Lake City.