Humans of General Convention (#humansofgc78)

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has a reason for being here, at General Convention, united by faith and love.

Center Aisle presents, “Humans of General Convention” – a take on the popular photo blog “Humans of New York.” We hope to place a focus on the body of The Episcopal Church as a whole, one member and one story at a time. It’s intentionally anonymous, emphasizing the individual over the position he or she holds in the Church. Mostly, we hope to understand and share a little better why we all call The Episcopal Church our family.

Humans_Day 1_Color-1“My favorite scripture verse is that of Ecclesiastes 3 – it says there is a turn and a season for everything. I passed through a lot of things through the formative years of my ministry. There was a time I was denied; time I was depressed; time I was oppressed, but here I am today. So indeed there is a time and a season for everything. I believe that Scripture and Iive up to it. Whatever is happening in my life, I accept it as it comes.”

Humans_Day 1_Color-2What do you love most about being an Episcopalian?
“I think that the fact that you don’t have to check your brain at the door. You can have a different opinion. It is exciting to be able to look at things differently. I was born into the Church and here I am 67 years later and I’m still enjoying it.”

Humans_Day 1_Color-3“I grew up in a very high church in the Diocese of Wisconsin. I’m in Michigan now, it’s a little more progressive, but the church in Wisconsin has become a little more progressive too. I don’t think it’s changed my faith, I think it’s freed me up to worship in a way that’s a little more natural for me – more relaxed, not held back by rules.

“I think the Church will become much more progressive and inclusive over the next ten years.”

Humans_Day 1_Color-4What brings you the most joy about the Episcopal Church?
“It is relationships. It has been such a joy to come to this reunion which of course is a lot of legislative work and all of that but there is – and particularly at this convention – a spirit of returning together as family, worship and discussions and beyond our ideological and theological differences, it has just been a wonderful feeling of being here and seeing old friends and making new friends.

“Our greatest of hope for our church is that will we continue to move towards two things. One is continuing to be inclusive, including those who struggle with inclusivity and we will find a way to embrace all. Secondly, that we will really realize what great gift we have to evangelize to really tell the story of Jesus, to live it in ways, I think, no other church can do, that we will be about the work of evangelism.”

Humans_Day 1_Color-7

“This is my first convention. I’ve been a priest for 33 years. The diversity of people is just staggering, I mean, even having lived in South Africa. It’s amazing to know we’re all Episcopalians. And just the numbers are overwhelming. Worship was beautiful this morning.”

What do love most about being an Episcopalian?
“That we just continue to move forward and I think we will. The leadership has just been amazing. I think Katherine has been incredible as presiding bishop and hopefully the next will continue the journey forward.”

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