Humans of General Convention (#humansofgc78), Second Edition

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has a reason for being here, at General Convention, united by faith and love.

Center Aisle presents, “Humans of General Convention” – a take on the popular photo blog “Humans of New York.” We hope to place a focus on the body of The Episcopal Church as a whole, one member and one story at a time. It’s intentionally anonymous, emphasizing the individual over the position he or she holds in the Church. Mostly, we hope to understand and share a little better why we all call The Episcopal Church our family.

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What do you love most about the Episcopal Church?

“The fact that we come from so many different backgrounds. The fact that this church is majority not Episcopal but rather grows into it because what you end up with is a faith of people who want to be here. Then it is so wonderful when you see the variety of people. When you’re walking around here, you get to see people of all different types of colors, speaking all different languages. And I get this feeling when we get to heaven and we see the Kingdom of God that’s what we’re going to see – many different colors, many different languages. I think this reflects it.”

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We’re wearing the purple today and Sunday. It’s just to raise awareness of wanting to see women in purple. We’ve had 21 women elected as bishops in the same time frame as 230 men. We are now down to 11, two of whom have announced their retirement. There are no women on the slate for presiding bishop. This is in recognition of the fact that we’d like to see more women in purple. 

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“I love the Episcopal Church because it’s bananas. You’ve got people from everywhere and we all love Jesus but we do it in really, really different ways. Yeah, we pray together and get down. I also love the fact that we have a crazy way of making decisions that can get on our nerves sometimes but at the end of the day most people’s voices are heard. I really appreciate that.”


“I love the incredible variety and difference of our people and how together we are an incredibly Holy Spirit filled family.”


What are you doing here at General Convention?

“I’m hosting a party. This is where people of all ages gather just to talk about what God is doing in their lives. We happen to be in Christian formation – discipleship making – like anybody isn’t? We’re just here to meet people, have fun and share the love of God with one another, but mostly to listen and to learn.”

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