Humans of General Convention (#humansofgc78), Fourth Edition

Center Aisle presents the fourth edition of “Humans of General Convention” – a take on the popular photo blog “Humans of New York.” We hope to place a focus on the body of The Episcopal Church as a whole, one member and one story at a time. Mostly, we hope to understand a little better why we all call The Episcopal Church our family.

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“I think the most inspiring thing is hearing people who’ve been in the Church for so long and have a lot of wisdom to share with me – especially being only seventeen – about the Church and how you can be a better Episcopalian.”

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“It’s my family. I don’t think you if you are a member of the family then you don’t like your family. And the most important things for the Episcopal Church: faith, love, heaven and God.”

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“I was a parish priest for thirty years and I have a lot of good friends who are same-sex couples. In my pastoral life and personal life I’ve seen many, many different instances of what I believe to be God’s grace in long-term committed relationships that happen to be same-sex and want to provide the Church’s support and blessing so they can live those lives of faithfulness and love.”

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“The Eucharist has made me feel called to the priesthood. I feel the love of God through the Eucharist and I want to be able to do the same for others.”

DSC_0408[1]“I worked with General Convention for months sourcing the communion bread for all the services. I’m a farmer and an Episcopal priest. As I held up the communion bread, I realized more and more people said, ‘I can’t eat that because I’m intolerant.’ I started to wonder, ‘Is this really the bread of life if it’s making people sick?’ So through my farming contacts, I started to investigate wheat and did not like what I came up with. It’s actually incredibly dead – life-giving not to any person, nor the earth.”

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