About Center Aisle

Center Aisle is the General Convention daily opinion journal of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

The goal of Center Aisle is to build up the foundational center of our church. Our voices and perspectives speak to a radical centrism – one that binds different viewpoints and voices together in our shared faith. Meet Center Aisle’s staff.

The 78th General Convention (#GC78) is June 25-July 3, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn more about General Convention.

Where to Find Center Aisle During #GC78

Email: Sign up to get Center Aisle delivered to your inbox or send us your letters to the editor, comments and questions at centeraisle@thediocese.net.
TwitterCenter Aisle is on Twitter, as are many of its staff, including Ed Keithly (@EGKDioVa), Gail Goldsmith (@gailagoldsmith) and Jeffrey Stevenson (@DCJeff).
FacebookCenter Aisle is everywhere.
Official Media HubClick here for the General Convention media hub, including resources, calendar and live stream.

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  1. I enjoyed Center Aisle. It would have been helpful to have been able to get a more comprehensive recap of the day’s legislation. Also, an overview of how things get done at General Convention would have been helpful. I guess I was expecting more of a newspaper approach and less opinion. I was looking for more information — for you to be my eyes and ears. With your help, I could have drawn my own opinions. Thank you for the essays from our Bishops and your work on behalf of the Diocese.

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