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The President You Might Not Know

That swagger you might notice from the Virginia Episcopalians descending on Indianapolis could come from many sources. One of them is our commonwealth’s legacy as the “Mother of Presidents.” Eight chief executives of the United States were born in our fair state, compared to—how can we say this […]

Tough Decisions Made Graciously and Pastorally

That pounding sound that’s shattering your nerves is the countdown to the July 5 official opening of General Convention. Beating the drum is one thing, but causing a commotion for the heck of it, is something quite different. Unfortunately, there’s been a bit too much of the latter […]

More Trending Topics

Another roundup of Convention-related posts from the Web and blogosphere. “Is the Episcopal Church Becoming Too Delicate for Democracy?” From Episcopal Cafe “But What About Jesus?” From A Good and Joyful Thing “General Convention Worship to Draw on Diverse Resources,” From Episcopal News Service “Annotated Draft Episcopal Triennial […]

Amid Congo’s Chaos, Hope Lives

Read Ed Jones’ first post about his trip to the Congo: “The Ties That Bind: The Anglican Communion.” Through the window of our tiny charter plane, it looked like a sprawling city on a picturesque lake. From a distance, it could have easily passed as the Swiss foothills […]

Trending Topics

A quick round-up of opinion pieces and articles surrounding several headline-making topics on the docket for General Convention. “Communion Resolutions Open the Table for Discussion,” Episcopal News Service “William White is Dead,” from the Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island “Convention to Consider Position on […]