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Winners & Losers

Episcopalians haven’t yet poured into Indianapolis. The first vote has yet to be cast. The amendment to the amendment remains to be crafted. Yet you already can hear the winds of distrust blowing between the houses of deputies and bishops. You can understand this unease, which flows both […]

The Ties That Bind: The Anglican Communion

That creaking noise you hear comes from ruptures within the Worldwide Anglican Communion that this General Convention could deepen. On matters of biblical interpretation and polity, particularly as they relate to such issues as same-gender blessings and the proposed Anglican Covenant, it’s clear that provinces within the communion […]

Straining Gnats, Swallowing Camels Part II

Personal Commentary Read Part I of “Straining Gnats, Swallowing Camels.” One approach is to try to change the system from within. But as we’re learning, camels don’t digest quickly. Bishop Provenzano’s “William White is Dead” proposal, and Bishop Sauls’ proposal  to refocus the mission of the Episcopal Church […]

Straining Gnats, Swallowing Camels: Part I

Personal Commentary I’m beginning to wonder if “GC” stands for “General Convention” of the Episcopal Church, or “Gnats and Camels.” You know the reference: Jesus noticed religious leaders who were meticulous about the smallest points of the law – to the point of tithing even one sprig of […]

Has the Episcopal Church Lost Its Center?

As Center Aisle launches its digital edition this month, the first chapter of its fifth round of service as the Diocese of Virginia’s opinion journal at General Convention, I’m hearing two big questions about this 12-year-old publication: Has the “center” shifted in the Episcopal Church, with the departure […]

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Back for Another Round

As the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church looms on the horizon – July 5-12 in Indianapolis – the Diocese of Virginia is preparing for another go at Center Aisle, the daily opinion Journal offered as a gift to General Convention. New this year, we’ll highlight pre-Convention […]