Category: GC2012

Beginning to Turn Dreams into Reality

Center Aisle convened a roundtable discussion Tuesday night as a follow-up to the work begun last week by the Acts 8 Moment. Seventeen people gathered to talk about what they had heard at General Convention; ideas for changing and reinvigorating the Church; and where they thought the discussion […]

Tears of Joy Over Leaps of Faith

There have been four times in the past five General Conventions when I have found myself crying. I’m not talking about the regular tears of frustration over the snail’s pace of legislation or problems with my computer or even my tears of exhaustion. No, four times I’ve cried […]

Unanimous Deputies Vote on Restructuring

The House of Deputies unanimously passed Tuesday afternoon a far-reaching resolution to reimagine the Church. When the stunning vote was taken, a gasp arose from the floor when Deputies realized that there were no “nay” votes. C095 substitute calls for the creation of a Task Force that will […]