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Out of Many, One – to ‘Reimagine’ the Church

The Committee on Structure started General Convention with more than five dozen resolutions on restructuring the Church. By Saturday night, it had one. Almost. After extensive testimony and discussion, Structure is well on its way to presenting one resolution to convention for consideration. The substitute resolution, C001, “Structural […]

Issue Four: Mhogolo, Missional Passion

Four issues down, four to go! In today’s Center Aisle, you’ll find a perspective from the Rt. Rev. Mdimi Mhogolo, bishop of Central Tanganyika; news about missional passion at Convention; and views on making the Church more “nimble.” You can access today’s issue in several convenient ways! Read […]

Structure Omnibus Draft

This is the draft of Structure’s omnibus restructuring resolution, via David Sibley’s blog Feeding on Manna. Story to follow. Resolved, The House of ______ concurring, that this General Convention believes the Holy Spirit is urging The Episcopal Church to reimagine itself grounded in our rich heritage and open […]

Putting Faces to Stories Changes Lives

Before the Rev. Mote Paulo Magomba attended a gathering of Episcopalians and African Anglicans in South Africa last fall, all he knew about gay and lesbian Christians was what he had been told by others. “The stories I had heard before was that gays and lesbians are evil […]

Pastoral but not Canonical

Who gets to receive communion in the Episcopal Church? After hearing testimony on Friday about what it means to be able to receive communion regardless of baptism, the Evangelism Committee found itself leaning toward a more pastoral response, rather than making a canonical change. A substitute resolution, which […]