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When It’s Done Well

Shannon S. Johnston, Bishop of Virginia: “Sometimes, entire lives are changed by disappointment following a vote; people are even driven into despair. Yet, the larger community often loses touch with that pain, as if it doesn’t matter. I believe that we would do well to keep the kind of perspective that causes us to remember that there are such stories and engage them. We would all be much the richer if we did because there are faithful members of our Episcopal Church who have endured the hurt, the rawness, of losing a ‘milestone’ vote and have nonetheless stayed their course within our Church, even finding new strength.”

The More We Polarize, the More Anglican I Become

The more I reflect on the polarizations within Church and society, the more convinced an Anglican I become. The Episcopal Church is not perfect, of course. We aspire to the via media, but we never completely achieve it.  We can be guilty of veering off towards extreme or dogmatic positions as much as the next Christian group.