Acts 8 Movement Gathering Thursday

“Three great minds coming together for the Kingdom” is the way one supporter described “The Acts 8 Movement,” a group being formed here in Indianapolis during General Convention. The Acts 8 Movement – so named because of the crucial turning point in the Church described at the beginning […]

Presiding Bishop and President of the House of Deputies give opening addresses

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori asks “Can we reframe our view?” President of the House of Deputies Bonnie Anderson expresses concern “that a false choice between mission and governance will keep us from hearing the voices of all the baptized as we restructure the church and create […]

PB&F Adopts Five Marks of Mission

Program, Budget and Finance announced today that it will use the Five Marks of Mission as its guideline for the 2013-15 triennial budget, and released a working budget as well.  The budget can be found here. Chair Diane Pollard and Vice Chair Bishop Steven Lane wrote that PB&F […]

And Suddenly, There Was Susan …

Three months ago, hardly anyone outside the Diocese of Arizona knew Susan Brown Snook. A church planter and the founding vicar of Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Phoenix, a passionate supporter of Christian formation and evangelism, she focused her energy on her parish and her family. Then […]

The President You Might Not Know

That swagger you might notice from the Virginia Episcopalians descending on Indianapolis could come from many sources. One of them is our commonwealth’s legacy as the “Mother of Presidents.” Eight chief executives of the United States were born in our fair state, compared to—how can we say this […]